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Over the weekend, Trinidad celebrated Divali, the hindu festival of lights, on the darkest night of the year. This is a very auspicious occasion, and lies very deep within the hindu religion – meaning, this is a deeply religious occasion, at least for the Hindus.

Over the years, things have changed, and not for the better. Every single year, it gets noisier, and the fireworks and fire crackers get more intense and more in quantity. Sometimes I wonder where people get the money.

From last Thursday the noise began… and my cats and the dogs went crazy. So, we were quite prepared for Saturday, and kept them all locked inside the house, and the cats were placed in a dark cupboard, at their desire of course!

On Saturday, most of Trinidad celebrated the festivities with lots of curried potato and roti, and most hindu homes participated in worldwide prayers, given that this is one of the most auspicious occasions on the Hindu Calendar. However, our neighbour had other plans. Obliquely opposite us, our neighbours decided that they were going to shoot massive fireworks into the dark night’s sky.

However, the mortar fell, shooting fireworks directly into our yard, hitting a car, and nearly injuring someone. The issue was not that the fireworks hit a car, but that the neighbours thought it was funny. How could you be so stupid?

This is the reason why you should not give idiots fireworks, or guns.

So besides smelling all the lovely curry I could not eat, the firework incident, and having to nurse the many scratches from scared cats, my Divali was awesome, as it is every year.