No, I am not speaking about the rancid, yellow crap in the supermarket. I’m talking about the good, rich, clear, homemade stuff you can purchase at your local market from mostly an old, indian lady, who makes and uses it herself. My grandmother swore by the thing; she made it herself (according to my memory), and she believed it was the best thing for hair, skin and nails. And boy was she right!

Recently, I decided to leave my hair to grow back to it’s original length (waist/hip length), but a significant amount of my hair fell out about a year ago, and I’ve only just started regaining that old growth. I started soaking my hair overnight, once a week, in homemade coconut oil, a few months ago. My hair was dry, and thinning. Today, my hair is no longer dry, or thinning, in fact, it’s quite the opposite: I have a (thickening) head of shiny, silky, healthy hair, which has been chemically treated with Keratin (three months ago).

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