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It often seems that every time I write something of late, someone must send me a message highlighting the fact that I’m always so angry and I need to smile more. If I smiled any more my face would be permanently like that, for I would be smiling not out of genuine happiness, but because someone else is displeased that my face displays the genuine thoughts and feelings my brain is processing at that moment. If you’re a disgusting human being, my face will reflect my truest disgust with you; authenticity is important to me, both in word and in facial expression. (You know the face I’m pulling right about now.)

2018, as I preached, really did blow in the winds of change, and this past winter, I spent my time reflecting and rebuilding myself, starting with my physical wellbeing. Following a few taster classes last November, I started my pole dance training in February, and it has been a rough 8 weeks. I’ve pushed myself more than I thought I ever could have, and honestly, I know that there is so much more I can do, but I’m holding back for fear of injury. My bravest, albeit not smartest, move was signing up for my studio’s annual gig in two weeks, which showcases the talent of the studio’s students and instructors. How I managed to think I’d fit the bill, gods only know, but I signed up for the thing, and I’ve invested in costuming so I better crack on with it, right? (I’m slowly dying inside.)

Along with that change has been a diet change, which I would say has benefitted me greatly; physically, mentally and emotionally. I’m not feeling out of sorts so I guess I’m spiritually grounded in that sense too. All bodies balanced and I feel great (except my shoulders which are constantly aching right now, and the bruises on both my legs from holding my body weight on a small surface area of skin!).

And of course, the “single hood” perseveres with my failure of finding another human to torture. I did attempt modern dating for a couple months, but it’s not only impossible for a woman to find a partner now, but it’s also demoralising. No wonder we have women who are doing unspeakable things to their bodies to attract a mate; like being covered in bruises from pole dancing! But! There will be a very exciting, juicy piece on modern dating coming up soon, so stay tuned!

Exercise, diet, and love life aside, it leaves one of the pillars of life untouched: career. And boy have I had one hell of a rollercoaster ride of a career so far. Guess what? It’s about to get more manic! My journey will not end at marketing, but it shall expand its horizons into health and wellness, and take credit from a lot personal experience with years of illness, recovery and food. Dietetics, I’m coming. But we all know that I can’t just have one thing… Desi doing one thing? Please. That will be the day when horses become unicorns and piglets take to the skies…

My marketing love will continue to blossom and grow as fast as technology shapes our market and consumers. My knowledge and application of that knowledge has never been more relevant. And for the low price of free, you’ll all learn about it here, because I’m a strong believer in sharing knowledge (campfire and marshmallows not included, please buy separately). This will run alongside my full time job at the helm of marketing. Now that I’m more settled, I’ve decided to put focus on  career and happiness, and by gods I will have them both, melded together by my pure willpower.

I’m enterprising and ambitious, but most importantly, I do not settle; and I also don’t hold grudges (I only remember the shit people do because mama ain’t raise no fool). The quiet of the last week, plus the anticipation of Spring, has brought forth a plan that I can finally put to work.

I’m really excited about the next quarter since the focus will placed on consistency, which has always been my Achilles heel. It’s great to have the opportunity to eliminate that. Introspection has also told me that my inconsistency stems from spreading myself too thinly across the million things I must get done simultaneously. This time, it’s more likely to be tasks in succession, more refined targets and less clutter. Tapering your life is always a challenge, especially for me.

So, time to end this word vomit and get cracking! And as always, thank you for your support. Without my readers, where would any writer be?

Peace, love and unicorns 💋

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