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We’ve all been there: internet is down, and you are bored to the point of insanity. So, what do you do when the internet is down? Here are a couple great ways to “kill your idle time” until the life-force, ahem I mean, internet is back up.

De-Clutter your Computer

Go through your ‘My Documents’ folder, and work your way through it. Create a folder for everything you have more than a few items of and put stuff in it. Delete files you know that you will never need. Clear out your desktop. File things properly. Put music in the music folder, photos in Picture Albums, work files in a Work folder, and things you have worked on and would perhaps need for referencing, put it in an archive folder. Don’t forget to take a peek into your Downloads folder. For most of us, it holds many unwanted items. 

Run a Defrag (PC) 

If you have a Windows PC, after you have cleaned up your computer, emptied your trash, it’s time to run a disk cleanup and defrag cycle. This will help speed up your computer. 

Create a Task List 

You have so much to do, why not create a task list? Writing things down will help you remember them, and helps you get organised. 

And, you can always just kill the time with Temple Run. 😉

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Until next time, be good.