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I made what most would call a big mistake: I deleted about half of my blog posts from five years ago. I spent months reading into the repercussions of this and how it would affect my Google search rank, and how it would impact the volume of my blog. None of it mattered in the end.

I grew as a Writer.

After writing for nearly eight years, I grew as a writer, and will continue to grow. I read some of the content from way back when and wondered why the hell I wrote about that. Why would I have written 573 words of nothing. My writing goals were very different back then. I was writing to make noise. Today, I am writing to make a point. At least I hope that I make a point.

A Change of Topic.

With growth, also comes the change of topic. Five years ago I was blogging about technology news and marketing trends. None of that is applicable today. While I don’t have a specific topic that I write about here, I do have a genre now. (Creative non-fiction for you curious ones.) I’m not writing about the same thing iVerge and Ars Technica are writing about. That’s not what this blog is about. This blog is a collection of my experiences with a couple of morals and perhaps lessons that my readers can benefit from.

Low Quality Posts meant Low Organic Traffic.

If it’s a shitty post, are you going to share it? No. I wouldn’t even read half of what I wrote way back when. If you don’t share it, it doesn’t get organic traffic. If it doesn’t get organic traffic, it gets a lower search rank. But more importantly, I wasted time and energy writing a crappy post when I should have spent that time writing something valuable that someone will benefit from and want to share.

Now here’s a lesson for those of you who are blogging. Make sure that all of your content is high quality. Take your own photos. Get down and dirty with your points. Don’t be a lazy writer. If you can’t expand on those points you’re trying to make then either get some education on the topic or change your career. Harsh I know, but sometimes, you’ve got to be harsh. It makes no sense you writing something that no one will read. It will hurt your confidence as a writer; something that took me quite a long time to come to terms with. That being said, I’m a shitty writer. I know that. But I have some decent points and I don’t bullshit and waste time making them.

That’s my leverage. What’s yours?