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You’re engaged! Now it’s time to plan your dream wedding, but where do you begin? Venue, cake, dress, guest list, caterer, bar, and the list goes on. But, there are many things that the blushing bride will forget, and in many cases, not know, when it comes to planning an event as grand as a wedding. Hiring a wedding planner is a difficult decision, not to mention, for some, expensive. But for many, they are an immense help on your wedding day.

A Wedding Planner Saves You Time 

With experience and practice, a wedding planner will be able to plan a wedding in much less time and effort than a new to-be bride would. A wedding takes a lot of time to plan, comes with an endless to-do list, and for busy couples, that means time they do not have. They can help you find the best caterer or photographer for your special day; something which would take you forever to get done; and they will be able to break down the entire wedding into a nice simple task list.

A Wedding Planner Saves You Stress

If you have ever planned an event, you would know that the stress meter goes so high, it almost breaks, and well in some cases, it does break. Now imagine doing that AND being a bride; to me it sounds like a nightmare. Having a planner allows you to concentrate on having the best day of your new life; it allows you to be a bride on your wedding day. Everything is taken care of for you, and there is nothing you need to do, except saying your “I do’s”.

A Wedding Planner Saves You Money

Sticking to your budget is a difficult thing when planning an event, since you can get carried away, or easily persuaded by costly upgrades from suppliers. Determining your budget is another hurdle after you decide how much you really want to spend. Your wedding planer would be able to advise you where you should be spending your money, and where you’re overspending.

A Wedding Planner Knows Things You Don’t 

I have attended enough weddings to know that brides and the families of the to-be-wed miss critical details in planning a wedding. One of the most common mistakes is a lack of a proper seating plan for the dinner reception. There are many details of a wedding that most people don’t know about, and many of those can lead you into serious issues on your special day, or leading up to it. Most wedding planners have a method, or a basic skeleton plan which they work from, ensure that the basic details are covered from the start.

A Wedding Planner Can Help You Make Decisions

This is your first wedding, but this is the wedding planner’s thousandth, so they have the experience to guide the couple through important decisions.

A Wedding Planner Can “Damage Control” 

One of the more important factors of events and weddings is damage control. When the sh*t hits the fan at your wedding (and it happens more often than not), you want someone who knows what they’re doing, and who can fix the issue immediately.

A Wedding Planner Sees Your Vision

With all the experience, wedding planners have learned to understand the bride’s unique language of what they want, and how they can achieve it. If it cannot be done, they will turn your idea into something that can actually work, and who knows, you might just love it more than the original one!

A good wedding planner brings peace of mind, a neat budget, and will to anything to deliver the wedding you have been dreaming of.