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Why train? This is a question I have to answer tremendous amount. The second most popular question after is “but aren’t you creating people to replace you?” Yes, I am; and I have good reasons to.

I like training people to be more social media savvy, in fact more digital on the whole. The experience for me is very rewarding. The key to moving this entire country forward, is education and training. I started off this part of my career heavy in social media marketing, and then as the requests came in, I expanded; and I’ve expanded so much, that I feel the need to train the right people for jobs like this.

I faced an issue while executing a social media plan for an industry that I was not 100% involved in. I’m a digital strategist, not someone involved in that particular industry; so when it came to interacting with these people, only then did I really see what a big challenge it was, and that was when I decided to start training. It made more sense in my head, especially after that experience.

Your staff trumps all

No one is better than your in-house marketing team for your social media marketing. They understand the purpose of fluidity and consistency in your marketing strategies. Essentially, they control the branding, and consistent branding is key to any brand’s marketing success. Your in-house staff know your brand inside and out; and no external person would be better. Training a new person for your social media is not just training them in social media marketing, but also in understanding your brand’s vision, mission, purpose and branding strategies; hence why I said, your in-house marketing staff are the best fit for the role.

Social Media Marketing can go really wrong

Social media marketing is not rocket science, but there is a wrong and a right way to be successful with it. Training can really bridge the gap with regards to this style of marketing. I have seen international brands make novice mistakes when it comes to social media, so it’s not 100% foolproof, even with the most seasoned social media marketing expert. BUT! There is a way to really avoid it, while growing your online presence in ways you never thought of.

Training in-house can save you lots of money

This is the icing on the cake: training will save you money! YES! It will. By training your in-house staff to execute your social media marketing strategies, you will save the money you would have been paying a contracted source, and quite frankly, it’s a waste of money, if you don’t have the money to burn.