#Hashtag Etiquette: What not to do, and what you should be doing

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This article was featured on TTOnline.org [Trinidad & Tobago Online]. For the last few years, #hashtags have migrated from Twitter and have spread their colonies across the social media networking world. They are very helpful for social media marketers who run promotions on social networks and it brings the world together in global conversations. However, not everyone is cognisant of how

Organise & Simplify your Life

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With all of today’s technology, we’re spread out over at least three devices; the work computer, your personal laptop/desktop and your smartphone, not to mention tablet(s), some people have multiple phones, etc.  Then you have a million apps. For tasks, you have Remember the Milk, Out of Milk, Wunderlist, etc. For notes you have Google Docs, Google Keep, Evernote, Mac

Tips for Business Blogging

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Blogging is not rocket science, but if you’re not doing it right (like all things), it will fail. Upon looking for tips, I found this insane, yet very helpful article, on The Sales Lion, which will assist all you newbie business bloggers, and all other bloggers alike.  All of these tips will help you in some form or fashion. You just really

How Long should your Blog Posts be?

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Most bloggers have asked themselves the same question at some point in their career: how long should your blog post be? If you have done a simple Google search on the topic, you will realise that most experts contradict each other, indicating that their personal preferences influence their decision. There is no benchmark, no standard, no set limit for how

What to do when your WiFi is down

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We’ve all been there: internet is down, and you are bored to the point of insanity. So, what do you do when the internet is down? Here are a couple great ways to “kill your idle time” until the life-force, ahem I mean, internet is back up. De-Clutter your Computer Go through your ‘My Documents’ folder, and work your way

How to NOT spam your Social Media Community

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Spam is so popular on in the world that I don’t know where to begin when it comes to talking about it. There are different measurements of SPAM and everyone seems to have their own meter. That being said, what I would call frequent updating, someone will judge as spam, and vice versa. So how can you tell the difference

4 Reasons Why you NEED a Web Presence

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This is a common question and a complete no-brainer. #1: Your consumers are there!  According to traditional marketing rules, you’re supposed to be where your target market is, and recently, most of everyone’s target market can be reached online. #2: People are looking for YOUR website!  You’ll be shocked to know how many people are looking for your website. If

7 Editing Rules That Will Totally Transform Your Next Post

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I found this post while stumbling around the internet (link), and I believe it will really help everyone. This does not apply only to bloggers, journalists, and professional copywriters, but also to when we’re writing emails, cover letters. It will help everyone get noticed. 1. Don’t Pad Your Prose with Empty Filler Words  (Or: Avoid Using Grammar Expletives) Grammar expletives are

Why Hire a Social Media Marketing Expert and Hiring Tips

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Why do you go to a doctor when your kid is sick? Why did you hire a marketing/advertising professional for your business? Why are you asking why to hire a professional for social media? If you haven’t figured out why yet, then you’re not alone. Many businesses ask this question every single day. Why hire a professional?  The answer is obvious: they

Major LinkedIn Mistake Many Professionals Make

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If you’re only adding members from your organisation, you probably don’t know what I’m about to talk about; but if you’re like me, and love to network via social media portals, then you’ll know exactly what I mean. The biggest turn off on LinkedIn is SPAM; and there is a great deal of it. As a professional, I hate to

Protect Yourself from Cyber Scams

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Quite recently, I’ve received a number of messages through LinkedIn for people offering me jobs in places I wouldn’t even dream of working in. Nairobi, Kenya, Zimbabwe, just to name a few. I’m used to these scams, so at most times, I don’t even open the message. <delete> Recent international news reports have shone some light on this matter, since

Why you should train your In-House Staff to execute your Social Media Strategy

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Why train? This is a question I have to answer tremendous amount. The second most popular question after is “but aren’t you creating people to replace you?” Yes, I am; and I have good reasons to. I like training people to be more social media savvy, in fact more digital on the whole. The experience for me is very rewarding.

9 Ways to Screw up your Social Impact

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There are many mistakes you can make out in the great inter-webs which you may not even notice, but it’s hurting your social reach and impact, which is bad… big time. So here is a short list of the very many out there. #1: Stalking. Stalking a person on social media is creepy. Don’t like every update, and comment on

Bad Customer Service will Hurt your Social Media Impact

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Don’t you hate it when you ask a question and you don’t get a response? Yeah, I hate it too. However, customer service is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about social media. Customer service is a key foundation element of social media and a key to its success. Most businesses have a public online

Social Media 101

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There are many social media 101 articles out there, but this is a comprehensive guide to the social media novice. Social Media Marketing is not rocket science, but there is a wrong and a right way to do it. The question most often asked is “are we doing this right?” Most of the time, the answer is ‘wrong’, and it’s

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